How Customers Can More Easily Find Your Home Inspection Facebook Page

by Inspector Media Founders Erik Gromicko & Justin Zola

Social media marketing can be a difficult ongoing task for any small business—including home inspection businesses. While social media offers the promise of finding a vast array of warm leads to your business, those leads, unfortunately, don’t appear out of thin air. Every business owner needs to work for them. Considering that many other businesses—including competitors—are trying to do the same thing, it can be difficult to get noticed.

That said, there are some tactics that use to increase your odds of being discovered—particularly on Facebook. Here are some quick tips on how you can improve the visibility of your home inspection business’s Facebook page.

How to Increase the Visibility of Your Facebook Page
First, we recommend that you post consistent content on your page. There is nothing worse for your social media marketing efforts than a barren Facebook page. Think of your Facebook page like the storefront of your business. If that storefront isn’t constantly monitored and kept clean, customers will immediately have a negative reaction to your business. To avoid this unfortunate fate, you need to constantly monitor your Facebook page. Share interesting content and engage with your followers. There are no hard and fast rules here. The bottom line is that you must ensure that your Facebook page is alive and active.

Another way to organically increase your Facebook page visibility is to comment on other’s Facebook pages as your page. While you aren’t creating and posting content to your own page, posting on others’ pages helps a different audience discover you. That said, the type of content you post matters. Yes, you can offer some generic comments or content and apply it en masse to other Facebook pages. This strategy, however, will likely be less effective than taking your time to develop well-thought, helpful comments. Doing this will help establish your credibility in the eyes of other Facebook users. If users see you as an authoritative source in the home inspection business, they will be more inclined to visit your page and follow your business.

Hashtags are another way for your page to stand out. For those of you that do not know, hashtags are words on social media sites that are preceded by the pound symbol. By including hashtags in the content that you post, Facebook users searching for a particular hashtag will be able to more easily find your post. This is true whether or not that particular user follows your page. While hashtags are a powerful marketing tool, you will want to be strategic about how you use them. Some hashtags may suit your needs more than others. Therefore, you will want to complete some hashtag research before you post or share a particular piece of content. As just one example, Keyhole is a service that tracks hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Finally, you should consider leveraging Facebook ads. Even though Facebook has received some recent scrutiny for its treatment of data privacy, Facebook ads can be a terrific source for businesses seeking to find new customers. You can use Facebook ads in a wide range of ways, from boosting a particular post on your Facebook page to running a more traditional ad to drive traffic to your Facebook page or website. Whichever route you choose, Facebook lets you leverage the user data it has gathered to target specific users on an entire spectrum of factors. Some of those factors include age, location, education, and particular interests. Targeting interests is especially exciting due to the wide range of interests that you can target. While Facebook advertising is not free, you can generate a recurring stream of warm leads by leveraging Facebook ads.

Get Noticed Today
The world of social media marketing appears simple on the surface. In reality, it can be much more complicated—especially if you want to separate yourself from competitors. In all likelihood, most (if not all) of your competitors have a social media presence, so you will want to leverage the most effective tactics when marketing your business online. While the above tips and tricks aren’t every step you can take to effectively market your business on Facebook, adopting some or all of these tactics will increase your odds of getting noticed by potential customers.

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