Facebook is one of the most powerful tools to generate new prospects for your business. Whether you are posting solely organic content or are relying on Facebook Ads to reach new audiences, investing your time and energy into Facebook can result in a high return on investment for your business.

This is especially true for home inspection businesses. Home inspection businesses both large and small can take advantage of everything Facebook offers to build their brand equity, establish a closer connection with their audiences, and drive more sales. Facebook’s tools are extremely sophisticated and user-friendly, making this juggernaut of a platform a no brainer for every home inspection business.

Nevertheless, one specific tactic is especially powerful for home inspection businesses wanting to use Facebook. That tactic is local group sharing. Local group sharing can be your secret weapon as you leverage the power of Facebook to grow your business. Ultimately, it is worth your time to better understand what local group sharing is and how it can be one of your closest allies going forward.

Local Group Sharing: The Basics

Essentially, local group sharing is the idea of joining local real estate or home buying groups on Facebook and then sharing posts about your home inspection business. By joining these local real estate or home buying groups, your ultimate goal is to show that your business can be a source of value to the group members. Exchanging value upfront builds your credibility in the eyes of your local community, thereby increasing the chances that these Facebook group members become future customers of your business.

Local group sharing can be an extremely powerful tactic because you are targeting motivated purchasers in your community.

Let’s start with motivated purchasers. Members of local real estate or home buying groups on Facebook are often looking to buy or sell their homes. While some are there just because they inherently enjoy the subject matter, many join the groups to seek advice on guidance for completing real estate transactions. This represents a massive opportunity for your business. By joining these local groups and showing that you can provide real help or guidance to them, you are much more likely to turn that simple guidance or piece of advice into real cash.

As far as the community aspect of local group sharing, you are targeting residents of your community and surrounding communities. Even though Facebook is truly a global platform, local group sharing goes after potential customers that are close to your business. Yes, you can leverage Facebook Ads to target specific buyers based on location, age, education, and many other factors. That said, local group sharing is a free way to find those community members who can become potential customers of your business.

Local group sharing can also expand your organic reach. In all likelihood, you are already posting organic content to your Facebook page. This is an important part of building your brand equity on the platform. Nevertheless, it isn’t enough. You must engage with potential customers and show that you have the knowledge and expertise to solve their problems. By using local group sharing, you take advantage of the opportunity to share your content with a brand new audience. Whether you are referring to a prior post or video in one of your comments or are simply answering a group member’s query, local group sharing offers you another chance to show off your skills.

This is just a basic description of local group sharing. Done right, it can be an important tactic in your Facebook marketing strategy.

How to Properly Leverage Local Group Sharing

That naturally leads to the question, however, of how you can properly leverage local group sharing. There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is that there isn’t a magic pill or bulletproof playbook that is going to help you automatically see a high return on investment. To properly leverage local group sharing, you will need to put in a substantial amount of work. The good news is that there are some common tips and strategies that can substantially increase your odds of seeing a positive return on your time.

The first tip is arguably the most important. That is the fact that you want to avoid being immediately salesy when engaging in local group sharing. To explain why, it is helpful to step into the shoes of a member of these Facebook groups. In all likelihood, they joined these groups in order to learn more about buying or selling a home. They are often looking for facts rather than referrals.

Because of this, you don’t want to join many of your local real estate or home buying groups and immediately start with a hard sell. Most often, it is going to turn off members of the group. The group, in fact, may have official rules that prevent members from soliciting other members. You’ll want to read the fine print, but the bottom line is that you must provide significant value before going in with the hard sell. This way you can gain the group members’ trust. And by gaining the group members’ trust? You increase the odds of making a sale down the road.

Next, ensure that you are sharing posts about your home inspection business. While you don’t want to be too salesy, you also need to show group members that you are a great resource in their community. So when communicating in the group, think about tactfully sharing posts about your business. After providing value to the group members, show that you can provide more substantial value in the real world. You’ll be walking a fine line here, but this is a necessary part of local group sharing.

Finally, engage with the group members. Don’t make it a one-way conversation. If you see a group member with a question and you can provide value, do so—even if it isn’t related to your home inspection business. By investing in the long term and helping group members with their problems or questions, you can build brand equity in your community. This, once again, can lead to future sales.

Providing Value and Obtaining Leads

Local group sharing isn’t a widely-known strategy, yet it can go a long way in helping you find new leads and generating more revenue. As long as you provide real, significant value to members of the group, we are confident that you will be repaid in future business.

If you are hoping for a “get rich quick” strategy, you will be disappointed. Local group sharing takes time to work. But if your team stays committed and follows the tips and strategies outlined above, you will be satisfied with the ultimate results.

At Inspector Media, we love helping our home inspection clients properly leverage the power of local group sharing. As part of our Gold Package, we complete this process for you, thereby allowing you to close on warm Facebook leads. We love what we do and want to help you capitalize on local group sharing for your home inspection business.

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